Friday, September 12, 2008

scary price

just drop by hmv citylink yesterday.

Final Fantasy XI ost $91
Gundam Seed Destiny attack 4 ost $85

a typical computer game here is price at $60

so expensive. it is almost the price of a 500GB hdd. But I guessed that is the market those companies are aiming for.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art ...

Japan's Show.gate Warns Alleged Sgren File-Sharers

Haiz, this news deeply sadden me. As I am a big fan of japanese culture and willing to spend my money once I start working. But how do i get addicted? it is via BT and download. Fine. We will stopping buy show.gate stuff and boycott (i originally intended to purchase 'Special A'). Fan subbs are much better. Raw doesnt help the majority to understand. But with subb ...

I dislike commerical subbs. First they dont sub op or ed. their sub is plain and ugly, artistic value zero. they dont explain signs, cultural markers. the subbs are free and aimed for quality product. the commerical, it is just another dammn job.

getting anime and ost is extremely difficult in SG. About the only shop that I know, only carries a few is HMV at citylink. And typically they take such a high cut rendering it a super high price product. Forget about local shops, I once brought a northern cross and then realised it is only a taiwan chinese hard sub version. Why ?caused nobody else around the entire island or world has it.

Dont they realise? it is because of anime that thousand of people from Sgren wants to travel to jp? thus spending money on tourism? thousand of people wants to learn japanese? many of our countries elite are brain drained to jp?

So they want cash now, instead of investment in large flow of money in the future? haiz, short term view of life...