Friday, November 28, 2008


skipbeat official site
I couldn't resist and screen capture the web page. I like this anime a lot as she always managed to overcome her difficulties. She cheers me up... her pink coverall is sexy...

Thailand protesters took over both air port. Mumbai terrorists killed 28-year old Chinese woman, Lo Hoei Yen. Hainanese 40yr woman married a broke man, left homeless. Organised crimes trafficking humans in EU.

I finally got my courage to talk to this particular 3 year crush. I like her as she post and share interesting pages... progressively she stopped. We exchanged daily messages... but that too came to an end. I could take on the world (during when we were exchanging daily messages), but now, from hero to zero ... Love Believes the Best


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Less talkative, unpredictable behavior
Girls take HARAPEKO strength.
From the middle of a tiger and the middle child.
(Natural) Blur said.